Glass Ceilings Are No Match For Helane Morrison

When the proverbial feces struck the fan on Wall Street in 2007, who was there to support justice for all the people bilked of their hard-earned retirement savings, and also restored good sound business ethics in the financial sector? Helane Morrison did all that! At the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Helane Morrison worked diligently out of her San Francisco office of the SEC.

Joseph Bismark Teaches how to Combine Spirituality with Sensible Business Practices

When thinking of business it is not all that common to associate spirituality with it. Most of us simply wouldn’t think of combining the two, unless you are an individual that has been touched by the Joseph Bismark way of doing business. Joseph Bismark is one of the world’s leading and most powerful entrepreneurs that accomplished this status by combining his spirituality with his business model.

US Army to Begin Rolling Out New Camouflage Designs Starting January 2016

In roughly five months, the United States Army will begin the process of phasing out their existing line of fatigues called the Universal Camouflage Design. What will replace that battlefield clothing line will be the Operational Camouflage Pattern. It will feature three variations of the uniform designed to offer soldiers better concealment in the types of combat theaters they are likely to encounter during military service.

The Last Vietnam Veteran

Michael Jarnevic, a sergeant major is the U.S. military supposedly is the last active duty man in the military that Sam Tabar said has participated in a tour in Vietnam. In the 1970s, this man joined the marines and was one of the last men to be sent to Vietnam.

The Oldest Veteran in America Turns 109

The oldest living veteran in America, Richard Overton, is celebrating his 109th birthday on May 11, 2015. And he is celebrating it in style with milkshakes, cigars and burgers. Overton, a resident of Austin, Texas, served with the all black 1887th Engineer battalion during World War II. He fought in the Pacific War Theatre from 1942 to 1945. Overton has mixed emotions over his war experiences. Like many men of his generation, he didn't want to go to war but he did, and he did what he had to do.

US Army to Ease Up on Tattoo Policy

At a time when it is common to see NBA and Football stars with their entire arms and hands covered in tattoo ink, it bears mentioning that the US Army still frowns on soldiers bearing tattoos. While it is not illegal to have some tattoos, the Army prohibits tats on the neck. Understandably, they do not favor tattoos which are sexist, extremist, or racist. In fact, the Army does not allow recruitment of candidates who have excessive tattoos on their arms and hands.

US Army sergeant, Bowe Bergdahl Charged With Desertion

The US Army sergeant, Bowe Bergdahl, who left his base in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban and imprisoned for five years, will be charged with deserting his post according to Anfip.

If he is convicted of charges, he faces life in prison, military officials said Wednesday.

Bergdahl could also face dishonorable discharge, degradation and loss of all pay if convicted.

Two Disabled Men Plant 10,000 Trees Over 10 Years

For the past ten years, Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi, who are both 53, have been planting trees in Hebei, China. By now, they have planted around 10,000 trees. What's even more impressive is that both men are disabled.

Microsoft Co-Founder Discovers Japanese Battleship

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen recently released video footage of a World War II Japanese battleship he and his crew discovered near the Philippines. The ship is the Musashi, which at its time, was the largest battleship constructed in the entire world.

ISIS Looking to Pick Fight with US Base

The ISIS militant group has been moving throughout Iraq, attempting to push its boundaries and take control of as much real estate as possible. It has now moved to a western town in the country that has a U.S. base on sight. This could potentially spell trouble for the group, depending on what congress determines to do.


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